Valentine's Day Caviar Ideas

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the pressure is mounting to create a memorable experience with your special someone. Fear not, as a valued customer of Petrusco Caviar we have some suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day not just memorable, but unforgettable. 

What better way to make your date feel special than with a timeless, elegant delicacy such as caviar? How about pairing it with the most classic Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac? That’s right, chocolate. Caviar and chocolate can be a luxurious match made in heaven, as long as they are prepared so the tastes best compliment each other. 

The key with a fine chocolate is always quality over quantity. And while you and your date may have your preference with dark, milk, or white, our suggestion to make this Valentine’s Day special is to pair your caviar with a fine white chocolate. To present this delicate treat, use the sweet round dessert as a bed for the delicious black pearls. Lightly placed atop, they will appear like a savory blackberry, almost as visually tantalizing as they taste. Almost. 

White chocolate and caviar are a scientifically proven excellent match, as they both contain common flavor compounds of trimethylamine. But science aside, they are an exquisite match in the name of love. So this Valentine’s Day, think outside of the chocolate box and give your special someone a truly special experience.

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