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opened tin of petrusco caviar, photo in gold and grey colors

Our mission is simple; serve the world’s finest caviar while leading the advancement for sustainable sturgeon farming across the globe.


Petrusco caviar comes from hand-selected farms with traditional Caspian Sea heritage and 100% eco-friendly harvesting practices. Our manual production technique protects the species while ensuring every pearl reaches our customers in optimal condition. To age each egg to perfection, Petrusco farmers combine new-age sustainable methods with deep-rooted Russian principles passed down from the generations before them. We take great pride in advancing both our technique and our legacy, but the Petrusco difference isn’t just in our farming. It’s in our flavor.

 Our fish are raised in fully established ecosystems to preserve the fresh, all natural bliss experienced only by the tsars that came before us. Petrusco caviar blooms at the tip of your tongue and not a second before. We're a caviar lover's caviar, offering elite Beluga and Ossetra blends suited for the palettes of noblemen. With such royal texture, divine taste, and extravagant ingredients; Petrusco is hands down the finest sustainably farmed caviar on earth.


Preserve quality, taste, and the sturgeon species. Support us in our quest for eco-friendly farming by indulging in one of luxurious blends today.
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