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Caviar 101

How to serve caviar

Caviar is exquisite, and everyone wants to taste it at least once. But did you know that once you give the delicious, salty pearls a try and eat them correctly, you will want to repeat the experience over and over again? Here's everything you need to know about the proper way to serve caviar.

How to eat caviar

Caviar is a more than plain fish roe and should be served correctly for the amazing culinary experience it promises. Whether you consume the luxurious black beads with your colleagues, friends, family, or alone, you must not just scarf it down.

Approach tasting caviar as if you would do with wine. Grab some and hold it underneath your nose, to take in the flavors trapped inside the beads. Then take the luxurious pearls inside the mouth, on the tongue, while you breathe through the mouth for one or two seconds. When you move the tongue across your palate, you will feel the texture of caviar and pop the beads, which will lead to an explosion of flavors and aromas that you will want to enjoy once more.

Take small bites of it without chewing. Use your tongue, instead of teeth, and pop the caviar pearls in your mouth. The delicious buttery taste trapped in the beads of fish roe will release, and you will enjoy every moment of this culinary treat. The taste receptors are located on the tongue, and the butteriness of the fat will not be lost on the teeth.

Whether it is fresh or pasteurized caviar, it must be chilled when served. Our recommendation? Place several caviar beads on your hand, between your index and thumb, then enjoy it from your skin. It’s best to take smaller bites, as the texture or flavor of the luxurious black pearls could overwhelm you.

What tools do you need to eat caviar?

You don't want to spoil the delicious taste of caviar by eating it with metallic utensils. If you got your hands on fine caviar, you must remember to serve it very cold in a non-metallic bowl placed inside a larger bowl that is filled with ice. The texture of caviar is affected only when it is stored at a temperature below 28 degrees celsius, so a little ice won’t do any harm.

As for spoons, the primary rule is to avoid metal ones, as metal is believed to alter the taste of caviar. Pick utensils, bowls, or servers made of wood, plastic, bone, glass, tortoiseshell, glass, mother-of-pearl or even gold.

What drinks pair better with caviar?

At Petrusco, we know what’s best for you. The classic pairings for caviar are champagne and vodka. The bubbles of champagne are a remarkable matching fizz, it refreshes the dish, and helps clean the palate, especially if caviar is served with butter or cream. But if you go for vodka, the Russian drink complements caviar perfectly. Vodka has the power to emphasize the unique taste of caviar, but without overpowering it. Served extra cold, vodka’s crisp booziness will make the saltiness and richness of caviar linger for longer.

But you can also pair your serving of sturgeon caviar with other drinks, and still have an enjoyable culinary experience. Choose a crisp, clean, sparkling water, and give your palate a refresh without feeling any aftertaste. This way, you will focus on the taste and butteriness of caviar. You could also complement the sturgeon roe with cold sake or a good sherry – these drinks emphasize the texture and flavor of your caviar.

Are you also a wine connoisseur? In this case, pair your caviar serving from Petrusco with a dessert wine or white wine. Avoid the wine with spicy notes, because it can overpower the briny, nutty pearls of caviar. Go for Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, and even a sparkling dessert wine such as Moscato d’Asti, Castellroig Sparkling Trepat Rose, or Erpacrife Nebbiolo. Wine has the power to complement and counterbalance the earthiness and nuttiness of caviar, without being too much.

What food can you serve with caviar?

Ask purists, and they will say that caviar is best savored alone. You do not need other foods to complement it. Plain caviar is enough to charm your palate and provides a satisfying experience that you will not forget too soon. The better quality the caviar, the more complex are the tasting notes.

But others say that the remarkable taste of caviar can be emphasized by certain foods. You can choose between blini, sour cream, small steamed potatoes, lemon wedges, hard-boiled eggs, crème fraiche, and minced onion. Simple blini canapés are an impressive addition to any party, where guests can enjoy making their own from a selection of sour cream, smoked salmon, caviar and thin buckwheat pancakes.

So, how should you serve caviar?

Our advice is to enjoy it by all means and try it with and without other foods. Why trust some or others, when you can make your own decision? Now that you know how to serve caviar correctly, all you have to do is order your serving. Get it now from Petrusco Caviar and tell us how much you like it!

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